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CES 2011: Vimeo Coverage

Vimeo at CES 2011! from Sam Morrill on Vimeo.

Vimeo does their usual great coverage of tech events like CES and Photoplus the only way they know how. I really love Vimeo and the great creative community there, the 59 dollars for plus membership is some of the easiest money for me to part with.

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Vimeo at IBC 2010 does their standard fun and entertaining coverage of IBC 2010. They show off some of the new cameras coming out soon and new video gear.

Vimeo at IBC 2010 from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.

NAB 2010 video Video Production

Vimeo Covers NAB 2010

Some of the guys at Vimeo headed out to Las Vegas to cover the new toys at NAB 2010. I really liked the videos did at CES this year and this one about NAB is great too. Love seeing some of the new things people are thinking up. Really want to get my hands on the 3D GoPro Hero rig they showed in the video. Check it out for yourself.

Vimeo at NAB 2010 from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.

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The Not Ready For Prime Time HTML 5 Players

With the iPad just days away from arriving at the doorsteps of nerds across America, the rumble of torch and pitchfork wielding nerds storming the Adobe castle is rising again.  There are two main camps in the whole Apple vs. Adobe battle. There are those who complain to Apple for not including Flash in the iPhone and in the forthcoming iPad and than there is the camp of people who at the wheel of the backhoe digging the hole to burry Flash in.  The Moses attempting to part the chopping waters of flash and html developers is HTML 5. HTML 5 is praised as the new upcoming web development standard that will bring unity and conformity to the web.

Youtube and Vimeo have both started to dip their toes in the murky water, following HTML 5s lead, and have HTML5 video players in beta. If you are using a compatible player like Safari and Chrome, give the players a try for yourself by going to and clicking on the try it out link for HTML 5 and there are links on compatible videos on Vimeo below the player to switch to the HTML 5 player.

First of all, let’s start with the good, to me the quality of the video seems pretty good and jumping around videos in a little better too. You don’t have to worry about flash always crashing on you as it is built in as part of the HTML 5 standard.

But, that’s about all that is good, at least yet. The main drawlback for seems to be the lack of the buffering bar at the bottom of the players that I have seen. This is especially frustrating when you have a slow connection or just youtube is slow for some reason.  Also not all the functionality of their regualr flash players haven’t been integrated into the HTML 5 versions, like with vimeo you can’t embed the HTML 5 version and you can’t watch the videos full screen; when you click the full screen button, the video blows up to take up the entire browser window. With youtube, videos that have ads, which is many of the videos from youtube parteners and youtube stars don’t work with the HTML 5 player, is reverets back to the flash player.

HTML 5 is coming, but I’m not ready to bury flash just yet. Certainly web designers need to be thinking about their audience and what devices they are using. The days of the flash splash page are hopefully all behind us and the end of sites made entirely in flash is not soon enough. I think it will take the push of several large sites such as CBS has announced that they are moving to HTML 5 and for them to blaze the trail and fix the bugs for the rest of the internet to begin to make the shift over to HTML 5.

Live Streaming Oddball video

The Reason You Probably Shouldn’t Play Chatroulette on Your Video Podcast sprouted up a couple of weeks ago and has taken the Internet by storm.  If you don’t know about Chatroulette already than it is easily explained that it’s Skype video chat except you don’t know who is gonna show up on the other end. Most of the time it’s guys like the Jonas brothers that keep hitting next until they find a pretty lady to chat up, but there is a sizable portion of the users that are guys that to put delicately are very visibly excited to be on chatroulette.

On Sunday’s episode of TWIT number 237, Leo Laporte, regretfully for people like me who were watching the live stream, tried his luck at chatroulette. The short excerpt is below.

Here’s the longer version, about 7 minutes.

I also came across this great short documentary about Chatroulette

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.


Video: The State of the Internet

Came across this great video showing a bunch of stats on the current state of the internet.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.