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Tim Street on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Great interview with Tim Street on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show. He talks about his history in production and how he got started on the internet. I first heard about Tim on This Week in Media and came across one of his first online video projects, FrenchMaidTV. The two talk about the future of podcasting and revenue models. Worth the time for any content producer.

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YouTube Answers Questions About Their Partnership Programs

YouTube in an effort to be more transparent and help cultivate the YouTube community has been asking for questions on various topics and then having YouTube employees answer them in video form. The first topic they tackle is on the YouTube partnership progam which is a revenue sharing program with big YouTube content producers and is currently in 14 countries. The program allows content producers to earn part of the advertising revenue that appears on and around their videos. Watch the video for some more details on the YouTube Partner program.