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Now What Cisco, What the iPhone 4G Means For The Flip

So if you live under a rock or are unfortunate to not be able to surf the Internet while at work than you might have not heard about the new iPhone 4G that was revealed during the Steve Jobs keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference. The device revealed was almost exactly what we saw when Gizmodo got their hands on a prototype earlier in the year. I will leave all the drooling over the details to the big gadget blogs and focus my attention to the camera and iMovie for the iPhone.

One of my first thoughts when Jobs began talking about the new iPhone being able to record, edit, and upload HD 720p video, was that this was really bad news for the Flip. I haven’t heard any recent rumbling of a new Flip camera that is going to be able to compete with the new iPhone. Their newest model the Slide mainly just added a sliding touchscreen. Last year I heard about the possibility of a Wi-Fi flip and have really, really wanted an external audio input much like that of the Kodak Zi8 to be added to the Flips.

The reason the so many people bought the Flip was because of it’s ease of use and price. It was the camera that you wouldn’t mind letting the kids play wit, and is the one that people carry around in their bags when when they need to shoot something real simple. Newer models need to stay true to their roots while adding features to keep the product line competitive with the new iPhone coming soon and other small HD video cameras like the Kodak Zi8 that are out in the market. I have to say that it doesn’t look good for the Flip, and I haven’t seen the kind of commitment from Cisco that I would like to keep improving the Flip.

What I want out of the next flip

  1. External Audio Input (w/ ability to turn of automatic gain control)
  2. Flip Ultra Form Factor: for the ability to switch out batteries, and use with other flip ultra accessories
  3. Wi-Fi w/ auto upload similar to Eye-Fi cards
  4. Live HDMI out while recording
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Open Letter to Cisco about Flip Video

Dear Cisco,

When you purchased Pure Digital, the company that makes the line of Flip Video cameras, I like many people, scratched my head, wondering why Cisco would buy them and what they were going to do. I feel the new sliding Flip Camera is a dud; it’s not a revolutionary product like the original Flips were it’s an also rand. We already have a touchscreen video camera and its called the iPhone 3GS and costs about the same as the new almost 300 dollar camera. I had so many high hopes, we heard rumors of a camera with integrated Wi-Fi for features that you would get from something like a Eye-Fi card where video can be instantly uploaded without hooking up to a computer. Allow me to help with a list of things that I would like to see in future devices.

  • External Audio Input: Please, Please, Please add an audio input jack, the Kodak Zi8 has it and I think that fact that its really hard to find one in stock shows that consumers and creatives want that feature. Please also add a menu feature to turn off auto gain control too.
  • 1080P: It’s the next evolution of the product line, just be sure that you maintain good performance in low light.
  • 720P 60fps: Not high on my list, but would like to have it as an option when I need it.
  • Live Video Output: Would be nice to be able to hook up the flip to a larger monitor by the HDMI and component connections to help with framing shots.


Zach Scott

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Leak: New Sliding Flip Cam with 16GB of Storage

Some photos of suspected new Flip cam have leaked and showed up on Engadget last night.The photos came from someone at Best Buy.

I can’t completely read the sticker on the box, but I’m guessing it says something like it goes on sale on the 14th or on sale in 14 days.

Photos: via

This new picture shows some of the specs of the new camera. Looks like it will have 16Gb of storage, giving is up to 4 hours of record time, double what the latest Flip Mino HD have, and it still is recording at 720p. The photo doesn’t give any idea as to what type of connections the camera will have, I’m guessing it will have at least mini HDMI out. I like many people are hoping that they will be adding external audio input, and maybe this will be the Flip that does it. There also have been some rumors that they are going to have a camera with built in Wi-fi for automatic uploading, but there is now way to tell from the pictures here. So far, if all this new camera does is have a sliding screen, then it will be a pass for me.

Cisco really needs to make some leaps with the Flip product line to a cert it’s dominance in the small HD camera market against makers like Kodak that are biting at their heels.