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Thoughts on the Ustream Producer App

Ustream has released two new desktop applications for broadcasting to Ustream. There is a free version and a pay version for $199 that allows multiple cameras and add a couple other features. The apps are available for either Mac or Windows.  When you download the free version, there is an option to out the pro version with a really annoying watermark, but I suggest trying it before you shell out the two hundred bucks for the pro version.  The producer app gives broadcasters the same controls as using the web based broadcaster but adds some functionality of a video switcher and access to Ustream’s social networking functions.

The free version supports one live camera and allows you to capture video from your desktop as well, great if you’re doing a show with you on one camera and the other host in on Skype or if you are doing a PowerPoint presentation. The app allows you to switch between the live video, screen-cast, recorded video, and images and music. The switcher has 3 transitions, which to me seems like just one because I don’t call a cut a transition and I can’t tell the difference between “Smooth” and “Cross-dissolve”.

The pro version adds support for unlimited cameras, transitions, adds HD support and allows title and overlay functionality.  The pro version is pretty much a branded version of Wirecast and has most of the functinality of Wirecast but only works with Ustream and is cheaper at $199 versus the $449 for Wirecast. Trying to add titles is harder than it should be, but is doable and you can save the presets so you don’t have to change the settings for each show.

Final Verdict:

If you use Ustream, then definatly try the free version of the App and check out the pro features too. If you are leaning to the pro version and you’re on a Mac, then the Pro version is a good option for the money. If you want the pro features and are on Windows than I would suggest trying out Vidblaster before you buy. Vidblaster’s home version is $195 and I think is easier and more powerful than the Ustream App. A downfall for Vidblaster though is that you need a pretty recent and powerful computer to take full use of all it’s features.


Ustream Producer App


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Building a Live HD Studio for Under $10,000

Last week was CES, Marc Ostrick and Michael Sean Wright embarked on their journey to help Robert Scoble build a Live Streaming HD production studio in his home. The mold for most of us aspiring media moguls is to create a studio like the TWIT cottage and in the video embedded below by Ostrick and Wright shows Scoble visiting the head TWIT Leo Laporte. This is the first in their series documenting to studio building process. For the whole blog post and writeup check out

Here’s the video: LINK