Live Streaming Oddball video

The Reason You Probably Shouldn’t Play Chatroulette on Your Video Podcast sprouted up a couple of weeks ago and has taken the Internet by storm.  If you don’t know about Chatroulette already than it is easily explained that it’s Skype video chat except you don’t know who is gonna show up on the other end. Most of the time it’s guys like the Jonas brothers that keep hitting next until they find a pretty lady to chat up, but there is a sizable portion of the users that are guys that to put delicately are very visibly excited to be on chatroulette.

On Sunday’s episode of TWIT number 237, Leo Laporte, regretfully for people like me who were watching the live stream, tried his luck at chatroulette. The short excerpt is below.

Here’s the longer version, about 7 minutes.

I also came across this great short documentary about Chatroulette

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.