Live Streaming NAB 2011 video

NAB 2011: NewTek’s Broadcast Minds Event

This is the video from NewTek Broadcast Minds panel at NAB 2011. It has some of the big players in streaming media like Leo Laporte and Adam Carolla talking about the future of streaming media and how it fits together with old media.


CES gear video

CES 2011: Vimeo Coverage

Vimeo at CES 2011! from Sam Morrill on Vimeo.

Vimeo does their usual great coverage of tech events like CES and Photoplus the only way they know how. I really love Vimeo and the great creative community there, the 59 dollars for plus membership is some of the easiest money for me to part with.

Podcast Spotlight

Radiolab on PBS Newshour

In my opinion on of the best audio podcasts and programs on public radio is Radiolab from WNYC in New York. Recently PBS’s Newshour did a piece on them and it is well worth watching their profile. Go to for more about Radiolab.

Making Money video

Tim Street on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Great interview with Tim Street on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show. He talks about his history in production and how he got started on the internet. I first heard about Tim on This Week in Media and came across one of his first online video projects, FrenchMaidTV. The two talk about the future of podcasting and revenue models. Worth the time for any content producer.

Live Streaming Web Video Technology

YouTube Live Streaming Is Looking Good

I’ve talked about the YouTube alpha test of live streaming for some of their partners, and many people complained about the quality of video that was streaming. I’ve been watching some of YouTube’s Farmaid live stream and it looks significantly better than what I have been seeing in the past. I’m not sure if they are using someone else live VEVO, who they have used in the past, but I’m not familiar with the look of the player that they are using for the Farmaid live stream. I have seen very little buffering, and the macroblocking is some of the best streaming video I’ve seen.

If this is the quality of video and the sleek and simple player that we will see when YouTube live streaming rolls out to more people, than the other guys like Ustream and should be worried.

DSLR video Video Cameras Video Production

Vimeo at IBC 2010 does their standard fun and entertaining coverage of IBC 2010. They show off some of the new cameras coming out soon and new video gear.

Vimeo at IBC 2010 from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.

Live Streaming Web Video Technology

YouTube Live Shows Signs of Life

The long awaited YouTube Live streaming service that we have seen tested with the U2 concert last year and various White House events it starting a two day beta test in normal Google fashion. The two day long event gives some of the most popular YouTube partners to test out the new service.

Testing, testing…YouTube begins trial of new live streaming platform

From U2 to the Indian Premier League to the White House to E3, we’ve worked closely with our partners to give you a front row seat to a wide array of live events. Today and tomorrow, tune in as we open a new chapter of YouTube live streaming. Starting at 8:00 a.m. PT, we will begin a limited trial of a new live streaming platform in conjunction with four of our partners: HowcastNext New NetworksRocketboom and Young Hollywood.

This new platform integrates live streaming directly into YouTube channels; all broadcasters need is a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera. Included in the test is a “Live Comments” module which lets you engage with the broadcaster and the broader YouTube community. For the purpose of the trial, this offering will only be available today and tomorrow. Based on the results of this initial test, we’ll evaluate rolling out the platform more broadly to our partners worldwide.

Check out all the live broadcasts via the interactive schedule below, and feel free to share this schedule across the web via the embed functionality. Bear with us as we test this new platform as there may be some bumps along the way. Please share your feedback in the comments section below (though note that the section is moderated due to spam). Thanks!

Joshua Siegel, Product Manager, and Christopher Hamilton, Product Marketing Manager, recently watched “Fun with Google Instant – We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

YouTube is the eight hundred pound gorilla when it comes to getting video onto the internet and their expansion into live streaming can only help assert their dominance. Hopefully there will be a stream recording feature much like that of Ustream, that provides better quality and will give content producers one place to manage all of their video content.

Live streaming video is a huge area of growth and this is a perfect time for YouTube to introduce this type of feature as many content producers are leaving Ustream over placing pre-roll ads on many of their live streams. has been the benefactor in this exodus from Ustream, but a cleverly introduced and useful live video product from YouTube could easily grab a large portion of the market share.

I’ll be watching closely to see where this goes and waiting until YouTube lets more people into their live stream beta. What do you think, would you switch to YouTube?

Video Editing Web Video Technology

YouTube Adds Online Editor

YouTube unveiled their new online editor that allows YouTubers to do simple edits and add music from the AudioSwap library of songs that YouTube has. The editors is very simple and has no transitions and I found it works best if all you want to do is splice together several videos you have already uploaded. YouTube has released it under their TestTube labs feature and no doubt they will be improving and adding more features to make the process faster and make the editor more useful. Watch the video above to get an idea of how to use and acces the editor.

I tried it with several videos that I had uploaded from my vacation and found the process very quick and useful if splicing together videos is all that you want to do.

Allows you to:

  • Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video
  • Trim the beginning and/or ending of your videos
  • Add soundtracks from our AudioSwap library of tens of thousands of songs
  • Create new videos without worrying about file formats and publish them to YouTube with one click — no upload necessary
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    YouTube Answers Questions About Their Partnership Programs

    YouTube in an effort to be more transparent and help cultivate the YouTube community has been asking for questions on various topics and then having YouTube employees answer them in video form. The first topic they tackle is on the YouTube partnership progam which is a revenue sharing program with big YouTube content producers and is currently in 14 countries. The program allows content producers to earn part of the advertising revenue that appears on and around their videos. Watch the video for some more details on the YouTube Partner program.

    gear Video Cameras

    Now What Cisco, What the iPhone 4G Means For The Flip

    So if you live under a rock or are unfortunate to not be able to surf the Internet while at work than you might have not heard about the new iPhone 4G that was revealed during the Steve Jobs keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference. The device revealed was almost exactly what we saw when Gizmodo got their hands on a prototype earlier in the year. I will leave all the drooling over the details to the big gadget blogs and focus my attention to the camera and iMovie for the iPhone.

    One of my first thoughts when Jobs began talking about the new iPhone being able to record, edit, and upload HD 720p video, was that this was really bad news for the Flip. I haven’t heard any recent rumbling of a new Flip camera that is going to be able to compete with the new iPhone. Their newest model the Slide mainly just added a sliding touchscreen. Last year I heard about the possibility of a Wi-Fi flip and have really, really wanted an external audio input much like that of the Kodak Zi8 to be added to the Flips.

    The reason the so many people bought the Flip was because of it’s ease of use and price. It was the camera that you wouldn’t mind letting the kids play wit, and is the one that people carry around in their bags when when they need to shoot something real simple. Newer models need to stay true to their roots while adding features to keep the product line competitive with the new iPhone coming soon and other small HD video cameras like the Kodak Zi8 that are out in the market. I have to say that it doesn’t look good for the Flip, and I haven’t seen the kind of commitment from Cisco that I would like to keep improving the Flip.

    What I want out of the next flip

    1. External Audio Input (w/ ability to turn of automatic gain control)
    2. Flip Ultra Form Factor: for the ability to switch out batteries, and use with other flip ultra accessories
    3. Wi-Fi w/ auto upload similar to Eye-Fi cards
    4. Live HDMI out while recording